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White House, VP Kamala Harris host Briefing with HBCU Student Journalists and Representatives

A room filled with HBCU students, alumni and talent is not an everyday occurrence in America, which is why it was such a special day in the White House this past Thursday.

HBCU student journalists and representatives from all over the country came to Washington D.C to participate in a White House Briefing with Senior Advisor for Public Engagement Keisha Lance Bottoms and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The conversation moved from funding HBCUs, to mental health and how big of an impact small bus

Mister A&T impeached by SGA Senate

Former Mister A&T, Curtis Shannon Jr., was impeached by the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate. Shannon was impeached after receiving three strikes and additional breaches, leading to his removal from SGA.

According to Ashleigh Jackson, Vice President of Internal Affairs, the vote was 32 to 7 in favor of removing Shannon from the Royal Court.

This impeachment comes just two weeks after Shannon took to social media and voiced his own concerns within the Royal Court and SGA.

“Imagine b

"Modern day slavery": Foreign workers at U.S. bases face brutal hours, low pay

Abdulla thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

After struggling to find work in his home country of Bangladesh, he said a recruiter offered him a chance to work in a restaurant thousands of miles away in Kuwait City for the equivalent of $660 a month.

There was a catch: He would have to pay a hefty fee — about $10,250 — but he figured it was worth it. He says his mother got loans to cover the fee and he flew to Kuwait in January 2016. He was 21.

Abdulla said he arrived to broken promis

Choosing a new doctor? Beware of fake rave reviews

A lot of things in our lives start with an online search.

Just like checking reviews before booking a hotel or picking a restaurant, we also resort to online searches for medical advice. But beware: a physician’s five-star rating may not be what it appears.

A 2018 experiment with hypothetical doctors showed that people preferred using online review websites over government ratings when picking a medical professional.

“When you rely on online reviews of medical providers, you’re gambling with