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"Modern day slavery": Foreign workers at U.S. bases face brutal hours, low pay

Abdulla thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime. After struggling to find work in his home country of Bangladesh, he said a recruiter offered him a chance to work in a restaurant thousands of miles away in Kuwait City for the equivalent of $660 a month. There was a catch: He would have to pay a hefty fee — about $10,250 — but he figured it was worth it. He says his mother got loans to cover the fee and he flew to Kuwait in January 2016. He was 21. Abdulla said he arrived to broken promis

Choosing a new doctor? Beware of fake rave reviews

A lot of things in our lives start with an online search. Just like checking reviews before booking a hotel or picking a restaurant, we also resort to online searches for medical advice. But beware: a physician’s five-star rating may not be what it appears. A 2018 experiment with hypothetical doctors showed that people preferred using online review websites over government ratings when picking a medical professional. “When you rely on online reviews of medical providers, you’re gambling with

2x All-American Jacob Roberts talks about N.C. A&T’s move to the CAA and Football Journey

Aggie football had a hard transition year from the MEAC to the Big South. Linebacker Jacob Roberts believes that Aggie fans should have bigger expectations going into their last year in the Big South. N.C. A&T football finished with a 5-6 record in their first season in the Big South. Roberts finished with 84 total tackles and 5 sacks on the season. Roberts says that the Aggies had troubles finishing games and believes that is a point of emphasis for next season. “Just start fast and finish st

16th Admin of the EPA holds high hopes for the graduating class of 2021

Michael Regan, the 16th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, delivered the commencement speech to graduating aggies for the December 2021 Graduation. Regan was a part of the 1998 graduating class at N.C. A&T. He graduated with a Bachelor in Science degree in earth and environmental science. I had the privilege to sit down and talk with him after the ceremony and he was proud to see many environmental graduates walk across the stage. “When I think about the number of students